About me

Mr.ph. Seka Zebić graduated at the Faculty of Pharmacy and Biochemistry in Zagreb in 1973. She opened her beauty salon in 1977. She expanded her cosmetic and cosmetology work to manufacturing of cosmetic products, and uses her knowledge not only in practical ways but also in education of cosmeticians and dermatologists. Her whole activity was directed towards nature, exploring effects of natural substances and methods.



By maintaining the firmness and the volume of the muscle we prevent the appearance of wrinkles because the skin above them stays taut. The exercises improve the circulation, which then amplifies skin vitality. Middle-aged individuals usually already have wrinkles around their eyes and lips, so they can concentrate on the exercises for those areas. Older individuals have a bigger amount of wrinkles over the whole facial area and they should exercise every other day for 15 minutes to improve their state.



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